A worry‑free colored hair transition

Trying out a new hair color is one of the best ways to transform your look. And what better way to do that than using Hello Bubble for an even color payoff and #miseenscene’s perfect serum and ampoule to keep your mind off worrying about frizzy and uneven hair color?

Uneven and dry color payoff?

The Hello Bubble hair dye is beginner friendly and gives an even color payoff! Besides having a huge range of colors to choose from, this hair dye ensures your tresses are moisturized after dyeing your hair.


Hair breakage, split ends?

We often worry about the damages coloring and styling can do to our hair cuticles. That’s why, hair ampoules exists to save the day! Treat your colored locks with a protein packed treatment like the Perfect Hair Ampoule Pack to revive and strengthen your hair while you don your new look.


Dull and frizzy hair?

If your hair needs some extra boost of moisture, opt for mise en scene’s Perfect Serum range. This range is each designed to keep your hair moisturized, (which will then maintain your hair color), keep its shine, and hold your curls in place.