3 Products To Upgrade Your Hair Routine

Whether you’re looking to revamp your haircare routine or wanting to add new products to it, it can be complicated because of the variety of choices.

Here at #miseenscene, we’ve listed down a complete routine in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Wash

Dirt, sebum and product build‑up can clog the hair follicle. Use a the Perfect Serum shampoo that not only gives you a deep cleanse but also nourishes your air with 7 oil extracts.


Step 2: Condition

If you are looking to add shine and repair your hair from the color and heat damage, look no further than the Perfect Serum Conditioner. It hydrates and repairs hair from tangles and split ends.


Step 3: Seal

Complete your hair routine with a serum that seals the broken strands, hydrates to prevent frizz like the Perfect Serum Original. It also protect the hair from dust and pollutants.